Economics Optional Test Series Start From – 23 June 2024, under the guidance of Ravindra N Jha

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 Test Series  –  Start Date :-  23 June 2024

Test  is Flexible for student. 

Student can upload answer sheet till prelims exam 2025.



Test Schedule –  Click Here

Paper I- 10 test

Paper II- 5 test

Test  is Flexible for student. 

Sample of Test series question paper – Click Here

Sample of test series model Ans – Click Here

DEMO 1 :- Click Here

DEMO 2 :- Click Here

 DEMO 3 :- Click Here

Toppers talk 2023:-


Toppers talk:-


Sample of Test series question paper – I – Click Here

Sample of test series model Ans – Click Here

Toppers Answer Sheet (CSE – 2023)


2. PRIYA RANI – AIR – 69 –


Toppers Answer Sheet (CSE – 2022)




Toppers Answer Sheet (CSE – 2021)

1    Aman Agarwal- AIR – 88 Click Here
2.   Urvi Sikri –AIR – 159  – Click Here
3.   Neha Byadwal – AIR – 260Click Here
4.  Priya Rani – AIR – 284Click Here

Toppers Answer Sheet (CSE – 2020)

1. Abhishek khandelwal – AIR-167  – Click Here

2. Sanchit Gangwar – AIR- 222  – Click Here

Toppers Answer Sheet (CSE – 2019)

7  Aishwarya Sheoran – AIR – 93  – Click Here

Toppers Answer Sheet (CSE – 2018)

1. Akshay Agrawal – AIR-43  – Click Here

2. Kumar Anurag – AIR – 48 – Click Here

3. Himadree kaushik – AIR – 97 Click Here

CSE – Economics Optional Mains Question Paper-2023- CLICK HERE


      Test Series

       Salient Features:-

  • Total number of TEST  15
  • Sectional test -09
  • Comprehensive Test -06
  • Out of Total 15 Test, For Paper-I there will be 10 Test & For Paper-II there
    will be 5 Test.
  • (Each test will be according to UPSC Exam format).
  • Test Series is flexible for students so that they can write test according to
    their own study plan.
  • Answer sheet of Toppers will also be shared with students.
  • One to One discussion with Ravindra N Jha to discuss answer sheet
  • Test Series is designed to help students prepare for mains Exam in
    Systematic way.
  • Daily answer writing is also suggested to improve writing skill.
  • Reference book/source is suggested for each topic.
  • Model Answer of test will be provided for quality enrichment of answers.
  • Test discussion will help to clear concept as well.
  • Some additional model answer of PYQ will also be provided.
  • Mentorship will be available to discuss Strategy of Preparation

Previous Year Question Paper :–

Economics Optional Paper I- Click Here

Economics Optional Paper II – Click Here

Topicwise previous year questions – Paper – I – Click Here

Topicwise previous year questions – Paper – II – Click Here





Previous Year Result:-

33 reviews for Economics Optional Test Series Start From – 23 June 2024, under the guidance of Ravindra N Jha

  1. Aman Agarwal

    I had joined the ECONOMICS TEST SERIES with BLISS POINT STUDIES Under the guidance of Mr. Jha .
    The tests helped greatly in structuring answer conveying main points and also completing the paper on time.

    Regular practices is key to scoring well in the optional paper.

    AIR – 88

    CSE – 2021

  2. Shankaran R

    I would like to thank Bliss point studies for providing economics optional test series, which was not only comprehensive in coverage but also ensuring that they met exam demands. Ravindra sir explanation classes were quite useful.

    AIR= 684

    Shankaran R

  3. Abhishek Khandelwal

    I had joined Bliss point test series for economics optional. The test series comprehensively covered questions from all topics in the syllabus. Feedback was also detailed are incisive copies of other students as well as previous years toppers also helped in improving my answers. Bliss point has been an important part of my successful journey.

    Abhishek Khandelwal

    AIR – 167
    CSE- 2020

  4. Sanchit Gangwar

    I had joined the test series at BLISS POINT STUDIES to two of my attempts. The tests had an appropriate mix of question from previous your and new, probable question.
    Discussion of the solution were equally helpful. Answer copies of topper, made available, helped me in having m writing skills. Ravindra Sir and Bliss Point, undoubtedly played a classical role in turning my attempt into a successful one.

    Sanchit Gangwar

    AIR – 222

  5. Nikita Yadav

    I joined the Bliss Point Test Series for Economics Optional and I would recommend it because it offers a comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus divided into well defined parts. I personally liked it because it was an effective way of covering all past year questions. Sir’s personal guidance and feedback was also invaluable.

    Nikita Yadav


  6. Abhishek Dudhal

    Test series is conducted on time. Test series will give you idea about covering paper on time. You can schedule personal sitting with him. It might help you. He is best option available for test series.



    Dudhal Abhishek dilip

  7. Urja

    Thank you so much Bliss Point for helping me throughout my attempt. Optional subject couldn’t have been perfected without the guidance of Jha Sir

    Urja vikas jain

    (AIR- 519)

  8. Aishwarya Sheoran

    Thanks to bliss point for being an amazing guide and mentor.

    Aishwarya sheoran

    UPSC 2019

    AIR- 93

  9. Sugandha

    I had joined Bliss Point for the Economics Test Series. It helped me revise my syllabus and gave me great answer writing practice. Ravindra Jha Sir is extremely helpful in his feedback and is always ready to address queries. Bliss Point is perhaps the only good guidance for economics optional.

    Sugandha jindal
    AIR- 374

  10. kumar nishant vivek

    While questions asked were diverse in tests but it lacked innovative and fresh questions.
    However sir’s discussion of tests were great and analysis provided me with enhanced understanding of topics. Also several doubts were resolved which helped in actual exam.
    So thank you.

    Kumar Nishant Vivek
    Upsc 2019 roll 1541002
    AIR – 404


    I had taken the Test series for economics optionals (civil services) at BLISS POINT STUDIES , conducted by Ravindra N jha. The questions were of good quality and the discussion classes post each test was very helpful.



    Zenden Lingzerpa


    I joined the Mains Test series for my economics Optional at Bliss Point. Jha sir’s personal feedback sessions were really helpful to get rid of conceptual ambiguities. Regularity with the test series made sure that I covered all the topics in the syllabus and that I was able to finish the paper during the actual examination in time.

    Agarwal Akshay sunil

    AIR – 43
    Marks 310

    CSE – 2018

  13. kumar anurag

    I am very much thankful to Bliss Point for their test series guidance. Their test series are very well designed which helped me immensely in my preparation.

    Kumar Anurag

    AIR – 48
    Marks 314

    CSE – 2018

  14. Indra Badan Jha

    The test series provided by Ravindra Sir is highly beneficial. It comprehensively covers the entire syllabus and is well structured. It is almost indispensable for mains preparation. More importantly, the test discussions held after each test are very useful for content enhancement and answer writing approach. I have gained immensely from the guidance of Ravindra Sir and am thankful for his constant support.

    Indra Badan Jha

    MARKS IN ECONOMICS OPTIONAL -335 (Highest score)


    I attended the test series for economics optional at Bliss Point Studies and I found it very useful. The tests were of UPSC standard and the checking really helped me improve my content for the actual exam. The test discussions with Jha Sir helped solve the doubts in a lucid manner. Also the staff, especially Khan sir was very very supportive and cordial all throughout.”


    (AIR – 112)



    The test series at Bliss Point helped me in my preparation of Economics optional and in objectively evaluating my performance. The flexibility to write the tests as and when convenient was an added bonus. Ravindra Jha Sir was a big support and provided guidance not only for Mains but also for the interview.

    AIR – 337

    Score UPSC Civil Services 2017: Paper 1: 120/250; Paper 2: 141/250 (Total 261/500)


    ROLL NO-0012783


    The test series provided by Ravindra Sir is highly beneficial. It provides a comprehensive coverage of all the topics. More importantly the test discussions are very useful for understanding the correct answer writing approach. I have gained immensely from the guidance of Ravindra Sir.

    AIR – 204

    Score UPSC Civil Services 2017: Paper 1: 143/250; Paper 2: 142/250 (Total 285/500)


    ROLL NO-0153979


    Everything is fine. Staffs are very cooperative and quick to act. Lectures uploaded almost always on time.
    One thing that can be improved is test copies checking. It takes time.



    Ravindra sir has been always a great help in my preparation. His notes and concept understanding are more than enough for the exams. The best part of being associated with him is clears every doubt with very simplicity.

    Prashant kumar

  20. Tanya Goyal

    I joined Bliss Point for Economics Optional preparation and had a very good experience. The material provided is fully exam oriented. All the topics asked in exam are covered extensively. Rajendra Sir is very approachable and keeps giving tips on how to prepare well. The test series and model answers are designed very thoughtfully to ensure enough practice and revision of all important topics. Extra classes on the latest Buget and Economic Survey are also conducted around February. I would definitely recommend this coaching to anyone opting for Eco Optional.

    Tanya Goyal

  21. Minaj Saifi

    The teaching style is fabulous. No teacher like a Jha Sir, I am non economics background but I got economics an easy subject.


  22. vishal kumar

    Blisspoint is one of the best institute especially for the economics optional. A well organised lectures help understanding and covering the syllabus. Classes with Ravindra N. Jha sir have been so worthwhile and has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable.

    Vishal Kumar


    Sir is really helpful. He explains very vividly. The administration is also very cooperative and supportive.


  24. Anamika singh

    Blisspoint is one of the best institute especially for the economics courses. It provides easy and deep knowledge about economics. My experience to join it was great.
    Thanks blisspoint.


  25. gauri garg

    The faculty is very well. Their teaching style is very good and never hesitate to help.The classroom environment was also very good..

    Gauri Garg

  26. Vaishnavi Allundur

    The coaching was excellent. Ravindra Jha Sir was very clear in explaining all the topics. I hardly used to get doubts as I could revisit the videos again to clear my doubts. All the coaching material given is very helpful and the test series also has extensively covered all the syllabus. His guidance has been very helpful. Thank you sir for the guidance.


  27. Pranav

    Taking Jha Sir’s class was so helpful to me, specially when I did not have any background of Economics earlier. Initially I started with reading with the books but it was really difficult to understand specially small terms of economics, bliss point course not only cleared my basic concepts but also helped me prepare it in the line of UPSC Economics optional exam. Sir covers almost every aspect of the subject from basics to covering previous years exam. I really liked the way sir segregate different topics, and then also match lectures according to the questions asked in the UPSC exam, which not only clear doubts about exam but also keep the course aligned according to the student needs. So every lecture you take, at the end you also simultaneously covering the previous exam questions, which really helped me organizing my studies without any cumbersome rearrangement of the topics because that work is already done by the Sir. I highly recommend taking Dr. Ravindra Jha Sir’s classes whether you from Econ background or not. I have done my college from The Ohio State University US and I can surely compare the quality of teaching from any world class Professor with Sir’s classes.


  28. Ajit Shinde

    The best economics optional in Delhi for UPSC. Very polite and helpful teacher and staff for students.



    The Bliss Point Studies, provides an excellent platform to learn and prepare for Economics optional. The teaching faculty’s(Ravindra N. Jha) method of teaching is very good . All the doubts are clarified in a easier way. The guidance provided here is very helpful. The faculty explains each and every aspects of syllabus. The way Sir connects the theories with the real case scenario is highly appreciated. The classes are very interactive & expands our knowledge and provides good command over the subject and the syllabus. I am very much happy to be part if this coaching institute and recommend others to join for the classes.



    I have never seen a teacher like Ravindran N Jha sir …really salute to him …i m struggling for the clearity of concepts of economics ….but after enrolling in classroom program my concepts got crystal clear my basics ,my small small doubts .,,sir had cleared it very nicely ….really i m lucky enough to be a student of him ….who always supported me wherever i got stucked …test series also is very excellent it gives us an idea how to deal nd attempt questions ….i really recommend everyone who are intersted in taking Economics as optional pls take classes from him without any wastage of time ….instead of going here nd there …mistake which I hve done ….All the best to all of u nd once again very very thankful to sir

    Payal Gupta

  31. Rakesh Kumar

    Bliss point IAS Economics optional classes are very thorough and effective. Seeing the vastness of the optional syllabus bliss point’s well organized lectures help understanding and covering the syllabus and all relevant topics not explicitly mentioned in syllabus efficiently. Concepts are first properly explained and then class notes are dictated for each and every topic making it easier to learn and retain. All the questions asked in past year papers are covered in classes very well. Doubts are cleared during the class itself if asked and after the class if asked separately. Regular tests help in preparation and analysing progress.

    Rakesh Kumar


    Bliss point is only credible test series provider for Economics Optional for Civil Services Examination. I am thankful to Ravindra Sir for his efforts that helped me improve my economics optional score. Ravindra Sir provides personal guidance and careful mentoring. I strongly recommend Bliss Point to aspirants with Economics Optional.”


  33. Pranay Mohan

    I did economics paper 1 & paper 2 course under the guidance of Ravindra Jha sir at Bliss Point studies. With a pre requisite of a good ncert base one can complete the ten months vast optional syllabus in just 4-5 months in an easy interpretation and develop command over it writing the test series which is the most effective part that boosts one’s confidence and preparation both.

    Pranay Mohan

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