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Course Start Date :- 16th Jun 2019
Course End Date :- 8th Sep 2019

Total Test: 12 Test + 12 Discussion+ 12 Model Answer

It will include :

Paper-1- 8 Test
Paper 2- 4 Test

Note :- Last Submission date of test – 28th February 2019

Test Series Schedule –
Note: Need to download and print the question paper and after writing the answer with proper name of the course and test paper, kindly scan and forward it to our mail id:

[email protected]

Course Curriculum

Paper I (Topic wise) Previous year Questions 02:00:00
Paper II (Topic wise) Previous year Questions 02:00:00
Toppers Answer Sheet 00:00:00
Answer Sheet Format 03:00:00
All Test(May/June) 00:03:00
Notes 02:00:00
Good Answer Copies 00:03:00
Test Discussion 001 FREE 03:12:00
Model Answer 01:00:00
Test Discussion 002 00:00:00
Test Discussion 003 03:07:00
Discussion test 005 02:41:00
Discussion 006 03:28:00
Discussion 04 & 07 03:12:00
Discussion 008 02:17:00
Discussion 010 02:08:00
Discussion 011 01:28:00

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  1. Economics Optional

    I had taken the Test series for economics optionals (civil services) at BLISS POINT STUDIES , conducted by Ravindra N jha. The questions were of good quality and the discussion classes post each test was very helpful.



    Zenden Lingzerpa

  2. Economics Optional Test Series

    I attended the test series for economics optional at Bliss Point Studies and I found it
    very useful. The tests were of UPSC standard and the checking really helped me
    improve my content for the actual exam. The test discussions with Jha Sir helped solve
    the doubts in a lucid manner. Also the staff, especially Khan sir was very very
    supportive and cordial all throughout.”
    (AIR – 112)

  3. Test Serries

    The test series at Bliss Point helped me in my preparation of Economics optional and in objectively evaluating my performance. The flexibility to write the tests as and when convenient was an added bonus. Ravindra Jha Sir was a big support and provided guidance not only for Mains but also for the interview.

    AIR – 337

    Score UPSC Civil Services 2017: Paper 1: 120/250; Paper 2: 141/250 (Total 261/500)


    ROLL NO-0012783

  4. Economics Optional

    Bliss point is only credible test series provider for Economics Optional for Civil Services
    Examination. I am thankful to Ravindra Sir for his efforts that helped me improve my
    economics optional score. Ravindra Sir provides personal guidance and careful
    mentoring. I strongly recommend Bliss Point to aspirants with Economics Optional.”


  5. Economics Optional

    I did economics paper 1 & paper 2 course under the guidance of Ravindra Jha sir at Bliss Point studies. With a pre requisite of a good ncert base one can complete the ten months vast optional syllabus in just 4-5 months in an easy interpretation and develop command over it writing the test series which is the most effective part that boosts one’s confidence and preparation both.

    Pranay Mohan

  6. Test Series

    The test series provided by Ravindra Sir is highly beneficial. It provides a comprehensive coverage of all the topics. More importantly the test discussions are very useful for understanding the correct answer writing approach. I have gained immensely from the guidance of Ravindra Sir.

    AIR – 204

    Score UPSC Civil Services 2017: Paper 1: 143/250; Paper 2: 142/250 (Total 285/500)


    ROLL NO-0153979

  7. Economics Optional

    Bliss point IAS Economics optional classes are very thorough and effective. Seeing the vastness of the optional syllabus bliss point’s well organised lectures help understanding and covering the syllabus and all relevant topics not explicitly mentioned in syllabus efficiently. Concepts are first properly explained and then class notes are dictated for each and every topic making it easier to learn and retain. All the questions asked in past year papers are covered in classes very well. Doubts are cleared during the class itself if asked and after the class if asked separately. Regular tests help in preparation and analysing progress.


  8. Test Series

    The test series provided by Ravindra Sir is highly beneficial. It comprehensively covers the entire syllabus and is well structured. It is almost indispensable for mains preparation. More importantly, the test discussions held after each test are very useful for content enhancement and answer writing approach. I have gained immensely from the guidance of Ravindra Sir and am thankful for his constant support.


    Indra Badan Jha
    MARKS IN ECONOMICS OPTIONAL -335 (Highest score)

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